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Get to Know Us

Ozzie Arroyo, President of O-Zone Heating & Cooling, began his career in the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry in 2002 after graduating from West Aurora High School. Ozzie obtained an environmental protection agency (EPA) certification from Waubonsee Community College and began working as a technician for a local company. Three years later, Ozzie began helping friends and family and that led to the founding of O-Zone Heating & Cooling.

O-Zone was established in 2009 and began as a predominantly residential heating and cooling contractor for the first few years. Gradually, O-Zone evolved as a leader in the community for various types of HVAC work. The O-Zone Team is a group of licensed technicians focused on a solution-based approach to all HVAC projects. Fueled by innovation, creativity and a sense of responsibility to the community, O-Zone continues to push all team members for higher education in order to bring knowledgeable individuals to its customers. O-Zone strives to help provide the best air quality and comfort for your home or building. 

Recently, O-Zone dove into the Geothermal heating and cooling world. The O-Zone Team cares about customers as much as the environment and aims to help individual families be safe and comfortable as well as keep Mother Earth healthy, so that we may continue to enjoy our beautiful planet. O-Zone cares about the technicians, customers and our Earth, and our goal is to bring quality service at a fair price.


"Step in the O-Zone and feel the difference!"

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